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V'Oscars Night & Expo a resounding success!

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On Saturday the 14th of May 2011, a fantastic night was held in Bloomfield House Hotel recognising the incredible work that organisations to in our community.  The V'Oscars awards were given to recognise and reward the work these organisations to in our community.

Following from these presentations, a Suicide Lantern release was performed to raise awareness of suicide with over €600 being raised for "Fighting Suicide - Mullingar".

Winners of the Voscars were:

  • Athlone Community Radio
  • Mullingar Open Door
  • Mullingar Friends of Animals
  • ISPCC - Childline
  • Midlands Simon
  • Westmeath Friendship Group
  • Teach Faílte

Many Thanks to all of our sponsors on the night:

    • Woodies DIY
    • Bloomfield House Hotel
    • Terry Toal
    • Trend Technologies
    • Ultimate Party Shop
    • Mick Lynch & Sons Tree Surgeons
    • Harbour Place
    • Westmeath Community Development and Volunteer Centre
    • Jack Dolan Wood Craft
    • Harvey Norman
    • Jodene
    • Yvonnes School of Motoring
    • Future Positive Phones
    • John Moran Advanced School of Motoring
    • Rivdal Sports
    • Athlone Crystal
    • Elaine and Aidan McManus
    • Harbour Place
    • Midland School of Music

Volunteers Needed for Shakefest!!

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shakefest_logo.jpgShakefest over the past few years has grown from a day of Energy, Movement and Dance to a unique weekend of multicultural and international relaxation and holistic living – come for the weekend – stay locally or camp around the castle – but also, if you prefer, just pop-in for your preferred course – this is a special time-out for everyone – every age – every taste – every family - a community switching-on! Shakefest are looking for enthusiastic stewards, administration/ticketing help and kitchen aids to help facilitate the weekend.

All volunteers receive one meal per shift, complimentary tea, snacks and coffee and of course when you are off duty you can go and enjoy the workshops, performances or just soak up the magical castle atmosphere!

Camping is also free for volunteers if you would like to stay overnight.

Find out more information about Shakefest here
If you would like to volunteer at this event, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Expo - Charged up for Change

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expo banner a

We are formally inviting you to our Expo in Mullingar, highlighting the unique methods that groups such as your make a difference in our communities and the global community. 
  It will be a fantastic opportunity to tell the public about the work you do and also a showcase of community spirit in Westmeath.  The Expo is on May 14th and 15th and on the night of the 14th we will have two extra special events.  Firstly, our Expo Ball, a chance to relax with a bit of music and dance and network with your fellow organisations and volunteers and also view the V'Oscar awards, celebrating the organisations in Westmeath who are excelling at their volunteer management and they way they get their work done.  
Secondly, we will be having a huge release of Chinese Lanterns to raise awareness to suicide, definitely one for the camera.
There is much more info below about the Expo.  If you are interested in attending the event, please click on this link to let us know so we can plan for it. 
The whole Expo event is FREE to you and we have arranged a discounted rate in the beautiful Bloomfield house if you wish to stay over on the Saturday night.
Hopefully we will see you there.

Westmeath Care and Repair - Here to help you

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Care_and_Repair_teamWestmeath Care and Repair has recently launched in Athlone and Mullingar and hopefully beginning to operate in many other areas around Westmeath.

The Westmeath Care and Repair Programme consists of five services:

  • The Repair Service
  • The Home Visit Service 
  • The Trades Referral Service (a register of
  • reliable and honest tradespersons)
  • The Quote Check Service (a free "second opinion" about a quotation received for a job)
  • The Daily Contact Service (a daily phone call) 


Jobs range from replacing light bulbs to fitting door chains and spy-holes or smoke alarms, putting up shelves, moving light pieces of furniture across a room, and taking down/putting up curtains.
Volunteers in effect provide a willing pair of helping hands to do a variety of small tasks that an older person may find difficult to do.
A "job" is expected to take no longer than an hour, though many small tasks may be undertaken during the same visit.
The service is free of charge; the client only pays for the cost of materials used..


LogoOur pool of volunteers and handypersons is not intended to replace the need for specialist skilled tradespersons. Often people do not know how to go about getting reliable trades people. If the required job is beyond the scope of Westmeath Care and Repair, we will endeavour to supply the names of trustworthy trades people from a register which we will build up over time.

Thanks so much to Supermacs, Ardleigh Mullingar for sponsoring our T-Shirts and Ganleys and Kilmurrays for their support and assistance in helping the Elderly!


Interview on Newstalk with Ian O'Flynn

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Ian O’Flynn, Manager of Westmeath Volunteer Centre was interviewed on Friday the 18th of February on Newstalk Radio by Sean Moncrieff in the Sheraton Hotel, Athlone about volunteering opportunities in and around the county. Items discussed include volunteering obviously but also, ghost estates, active citizenship, the upcoming General Election and the need for a volunteer policy from the next administration.

It’s a wonderful interview – have a listen by clicking here

Midlands only area brave enough!!

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Winter_Solstice_2010_056aOn Tuesday the 21st of December, a very unusual and never to repeated in our lifetimes event occured in Ireland.  On this day, the winter solstice, there was both a full moon and a lunar eclipse.  There were events organised all around the country but the only one to go ahead was Red Moon's event in Charleville Castle.  Charleville believed that it was because of the dedication of the volunteers that this event took place when all others were cancelled.  "Thankfully, our volunteers for the castle ensured that the roads, facilities and provisions were ready for this event and hopefully we can make this an annual event, not just because of the revenue but also for what Red Moon and the event bring to reconnecting with our Celtic Spirit!, without the support of Westmeath Volunteer Centre and all of their fantastic Volunteers, events like this would not happen"

More on the event

 Celtic Awakening bring to you one of the best and most enchanting nights in the Celtic calendar, when dark and light come together in the winter solstice. Charleville Castle will be alight thanks to the full moon. With the Celtic drummers, a night of fire and shamens with Mary Edwards connecting with spirit, working in the energies of healing and meditation. Charleville will host the most magical and mystical of the Celtic Calendar events of the year. Touching roots with our ancient ancestors as you drive up the avenue of one of the most sacred oak druid forests in Europe. A very symbolic night. Tuesday the 21st of December at 7:30pm 
is one not to be missed.

Have a Happy and Safe Christmas!!

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Because the goodwill of those we serve is the foundation of our success, it's a real pleasure at this 

Christmas time to say "Thank You" as we wish you a full year of happiness and prosperity.

Looking forward to working with you in 2011!