Further Reading

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Below are some suggested reading materials for those in the field of volunteer management. In addition you might want to visit the USA volunteer management website which has an excellent online bookstore. As expected you can purchase a hard copy of most of the books below or in many cases you can download a copy of the books.
  • Volunteer Management Mobilizing all the Resources of the Community, by Steve McCurley and Rick Lynch
  • From The Top Down - The Executive Role in Volunteer Program Success by Susan J. Ellis 
  • No Surprises - Harmonizing Risk & Reward in Volunteer Management by Melanie L. Herman and Peggy M. Jackson
  • Training Busy Staff to Succeed with Volunteers: The 55-Minute Staff Training Series (Complete Set: Book and CD) by Betty Stallings
  • Handling problem volunteers by Steve McCurley and Sue Vineyard
  • The Quick Reference Guide To Effective Volunteer Involvement by Linda L. Graff
  • Keeping volunteers - a guide to retention by Steve McCurley and Rick Lynch
  • Volunteer Management: An Essential Guide, 2nd edition by Joy Noble, Luoise Rogers, and Andy Fryar
  • What We Learned (the Hard Way) about Supervising Volunteers: An Action Guide to Making Your Job Easier by Jarene Frances Lee and Julia M. Catabnus
  • Beyond Police Checks by Linda L. Graff
  • Better Safe... by Linda L. Graff