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As part of Westmeath Volunteer Centre's vision of well-being within the County we are launching a project which is volunteer centred and led, entitled "Project Iris, Volunteering through my eyes". 

Since the establishment of the volunteer centre in 2006, we have witnessed the joys of people’s passions for Art, Environment, Equality, Helping out and many other fields. 

The potential benefit of "Project Iris" to the Volunteer Centre hopefully will reflect what volunteering means to our communities within the County and to indicate the various causes and reasons as to why, and what may motivate volunteers to give their time and also how they, the volunteers, are portrayed within the community thus inspiring others to do the same. 

For 5 months, from October 2014 until March 1st 2015, we want volunteers and organisations to capture their environment, "Through their eyes" about what volunteering and voluntary work means to them.   We would love to see how you perceive volunteering. For example, how you see your locality and how volunteers improve it, how you see living in Ireland and how volunteering affects your life and that of others around them, how a person living in Westmeath sees the changing lands and what their local volunteers do to enhance or represent them. 

There is a limit of 5 images for you to submit. We have categories such as, Art & Culture, Our Community, Golden Years, The Great Outdoors (Environment and scenic pictures of nature) and Youth (Young people & Sports) to help the photographers focus, on the images they capture. 

We will provide support to all volunteers who wish to take part and at the end of the project we will be running exhibitions in the Library in Athlone and also in the Atrium of the County Buildings in Mullingar and also, providing an online depository of images.

We feel that capturing your feelings in an image would be a unique and powerful way to show our community that not everyone sees things the same way.

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