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Website Revamp

Westmeath Volunteer Centre is delighted to welcome you to our newly revamped website. We like to practice what we preach, we searched through our list of volunteers who are registered with us and found the volunteer that created this website for us. Jimmy Kenny had registered with us this year. A multi-talented web and graphic designer, Jimmy took our thoughts and ideas for the website and turned them into a reality. He explained the process and gave us ideas we had not even thought of ourselves. Above all else he stressed the importance of our site being user friendly and easy to navigate. We think he has achieved this!

We would like to thank Jimmy for his patience, for answering our endless questions, and most importantly a website we are proud to share. Jimmy hopes to create his own business in Web and Graphic design in 2018. We would highly recommend Jimmy because of his professional patient approach, his creativity and his ability to listen to the ideas of his Clients. By volunteering to create our website Jimmy now has an excellent piece of work to add to his portfolio. Check out his own website at jimkenDesign

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