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The first thing I wanted to do after permanently relocating to Athlone was to feel productive and do something valuable as a part of this community. The website of Westmeath Volunteer Centre appeared right up as I searched on Google for volunteer work in Athlone. The job listings on their website were very detailed and up to dated. Amongst a variety of various options, I selected the one most relevant to my past work experience. I was very impressed with their extremely efficient registration system and a personal follow up from Michelle and her team. Within days I got contacted by Athlone Community Radio and registered myself as a volunteer there.

It’s been almost a year for me volunteering for Athlone Community Radio. During that course of time, I have worked as a producer, a presenter and in their marketing department. I am also an active part of their website and social media team. One of the many great things about Athlone Community Radio is its ability to make everyone feel welcome and encourage new volunteers to step out of their comfort zone to explore their hidden talents. There is no limit to what you can or can’t do, as every opportunity is made available for everyone there. The office has an exceptionally friendly environment where everyone supports each other and work as a team. There is a constant creative energy and every voice is heard and every idea is discussed.

For someone new to the town, I consider myself fortunate to have found not only amazing colleagues but also great friends.  Athlone Community Radio not only provided me with a platform to exhibit and polish my skills, but also gave me the confidence to do so. There’s always a learning curve in this voluntary job and it’s so exciting being a part in projecting the voice of Athlone.

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